Dr. Le believes, as do the innovators at Nobel Biocare, that beautiful, fully functioning teeth are everyone’s right. Together, Dr. Le and Nobel Biocare provide the expertise in crowns, bridges and implants that enable you to make your beautiful smile a reality.

Our practice provides implant solutions for your most daunting dental challenges using a procedure we call Easy Esthetics. Simply put, Easy Esthetics creates beautiful teeth using the best esthetic biomaterials and individualized easy applications.

To enable you to enjoy a beautiful smile and fully functional teeth, we provide a complete solution for all ‘above-the-gum’ esthetics. There are a range of products to both beautify and add confidence to those who thought they might never have a radiant smile.

These products combine the finest dental prosthetics with the world’s only industrialized process for customized crowns, bridges and laminates.

Nobel Biocare’s unique NobelProcera technology offers esthetic and functional dental restorations for all needs. Based on the latest scanning technologies and high tech manufacturing techniques, the NobelProcera system provides completely individualized prosthetics with unbeatably precise fit for crowns, laminates, abutments and bridges.

By combining Nobel Biocare’s impressive manufacturing skills with Alumina and Zirconia ceramics, an unrivalled combination of biocompatibility, beauty and strength is guaranteed. These ultra modern ceramics each refract and transmit light in much the same way as a natural tooth, giving your restoration a very natural looking appearance. Often, the end result is a very definite improvement on nature.